Zodiac ★★★★★

Lost Count of How Many Times I’ve seen it
So Fincher films are my comfort food. I don’t know why but they are. So rewatching this was just nice break from the pain that and confusion Eyes Wide Shut left me in.
A truly excellent thriller.
I was originally gonna rewatch The Social Network to see if it was gonna make a five star rating but I got five minutes in and just was not feeling it. So I decided to rewatch this.
So the score acting and direction is all superb.
I’ll be picking up the book soon.
But yeah Fincher’s is at his best doing thrillers.
My favorite Fincher is a three way tie between Zodiac, Gone Girl, and Fight Club.
But yeah 11/10 every Fincher film but Panic Room and Alien 3 are in my top 100 favorite films. 
So yeah highly recommended not much to say this time I’ve been thinking about Eyes Wide Shut all night so I was extremely distracted during this watch. I’m gonna have to rewatch Eyes Wide Shut soon now.
Highly recommend if you haven’t seen it.

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