The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg ★★★★★

Watched to many times to count
I watched this two times in two weeks that’s how much I love this film.
So yeah this is pretty definite as my favorite film right now I’m not going to say it won’t change but it might.
But I love this more every time I see it I love it more. 
My favorite shot of the film is either the shot of Catherine Denueve looking out the window at guy and that beautiful music playing or the shot of guy in the lock room with that amazing jazzy music. 
But I love every shot. The shot of Catherine Denueve with the crown on at the table. The shot of Madeline and Guy talking in the aunts apartment.
Micheal Legrand(may be Rest In Peace) delivers amazing music pieces throughout.
And I gotta repeat I love love love opera.
So this movie is perfect for myself. 
But yes Micheal Legrand’s jazzy music in the opening garage scene to that slower somber music when Catherine Denueve and Guy begin talking to the scene in the Umbrella shop with Genevieve’s(Catherine Denueve’s character) mom talking to her about love all the music is immaculate.
And the direction.
So I love love love colorful films as you can tell from my four favorite films and this movie uses color perfectly.
Every shot looks so beautiful it’s shocking. 
The color scheme is god tier.
The shot in the dance club looks amazing.
The shot of the garage looks amazing.
Every shot is immaculate.
The shots of Cherbourg itself.
Cherbourg is it’s own character in this film as well. You just get this vibe from it. I can’t explain it. 
The music and Cherbourg itself are both characters. 
Also the story.
I love me a tragic love story.
And this one tops the list for me.
The ending shot at the gas station has me in tears every time. 
Genevieve and Guy are perfect characters.
Genevieve is just an innocent angel and Guy is just a guy who’s trying to help his sick aunt. 
This film has literally everything I love in film:
1. Amazing use of color.
2. Amazing acting.
3. Direction looks stunning.
4. The story and characters are amazing as well.
And Umbrellas of Cherbourg does all those things perfectly and honestly beyond perfectly.
This is my favorite film pretty definitely but once again it could change but that’s not likely.
Oh and I forgot to mention Catherine Denueve is a literal angel.
Edit: Also in the top 4 list I should’ve added substance symbolism metaphors allegory’s but that’s mainly for arthouse films so I won’t count it for this film.

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