Roma ★★★

Second Watch
Yes it’s beautiful and shows the beauty of mundane life. For the first hour I was entertained and it could’ve been in my favorite films honestly. But then it started to drag for me. I had the same issue with Song to Song. This film just went on to long. It’s directed to perfection and I love the coloring of the film the use of black and white is amazing. But it just simply went on to long. Song to Songs the only comparison I can really make went on way to long but was great for the first hour. This film is great and I love some of Cuaron’s other works. Like Y Tu Mama Tambien I absolutely love I need to pick up a copy of that film. But Y Tu Mama Tambien is a masterpiece so Cuaron can do great things. He also did Children of Men and Gravity which are both amazing as well. And everyone knows I love slow films.
But this film just goes on to long for me.
An ok film.
A good example of a slow film this decade is Burning. It’s super slow but beautiful and entertaining. I do prefer Burning to this by far. But yeah summed up Cuaron can do better.
Update: I’ll be giving it another chance soon.

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