John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 ★★★★★

Still a 5/5 on second viewing!
I narrowed down why I liked it so much on the way to the theatre.
Neon lighting.
I have a love for neon lighting in films hence my love for Wong Kar Wai films.
And this film masterfully uses neon lighting. 
The shots in Osaka specifically are otherworldly beautiful. 
The lights in those scenes specifically just show a sense of regret that runs along with the theme of the film.
Lots of reds and incredibly bright blues.
The shots in France as well are insanely beautiful.
They just have this finality to them.
Each set of the story is nailed by the lighting.
The lighting perfectly conveys the message of each part of the story in such a beautiful way that most films don’t do.
Most films don’t tell the story so perfectly through just lighting like this film does.
The story. 
Sure it’s slower and not as important as the last film.
But when the emotional beats hit.
They hit.
This film nails every emotional beat it tries to hit.
Keanu Reeves and Bill Skarsgard both give one hell of performance here.
Keanu delivers his best performance in the entire franchise in my opinion.
His eyes convey everything. 
Donnie Yen and Scott Adkins also completely own there roles.
Donnie Yen especially is great.
But Scott Adkins is incredible here.
The music is great. 
Some very unexpected needle drops.
That unexpectedly work.
Lance Reddick may he rest in peace gives an incredible beautiful performance as well.
Sad to see him go but he will be remembered.
This franchise is 4/4. 
Absolutely perfect way to end the series.
Poetic and beautiful.
What a way to end it.
The final hour is some of the best cinema I’ve ever seen. 
The action set pieces have all already been talked about.
But the final sequence is absolutely unfathomably good.
All the action sequences are.
But the final one is basically 40 minutes long and doesn’t stop.
And it is absolutely perfect.
Also the one take.
Best one take I’ve seen in a long time.
The one take is probably the highlight of the movie.
But yeah it’s perfect.
I have a bias I love all 3 movies but this one definitely means the most to me. 
Go see it.
I was scared about seeing it twice in one night and thought I might dislike it a second viewing.
But no I liked it even more. 
Definitely gonna be a favorite after a third viewing.

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