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So Philip K. Dick’s masterwork Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is one of my favorite books every written. Up there with Dune and Foundation in terms of my favorite sci fi novel.
The themes he’s able to explore within the opening five pages with Rick and his wife about mood and feeling is just amazing. And the conversation with the electric sheep is so subtle. Then the next pages discussing World War Terminus as a replicant sits in his apartment contemplating all the news he’s hearing in the background.
I love Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. 
So needlessly to say I was very excited for this film. I picked up the directors cut and the final cut. And I started with the directors I’ll be watching the final cut next week. 
The visuals and the music are the best part of the movie for me. While it explores some interesting themes I just felt it should’ve been longer. The conclusion with Roy Batty is amazing though.
Hell I may just be comparing it to the book to much. When I watch the final cut I’ll try and erase the book from my thoughts when I watch it because when I compare the movie to the book there is no comparison.
But I don’t want to compare this to the book in any way during the real review so I’ll be avoiding the topic and doing it in another review. 
But here let’s just hone in on the film. 
Rick and Roy are both villains in there own way. Rick is no hero while he was forced into doing it he still did it and presumably kills Rachel at the end. So Rick is just a despicable character. But he doesn’t feel used to the best he could be. He’s just the person who’s guiding you threw this dreary rainy world. He has some depth he’s not an amazing character but he’s a great character. 
Roy is also despicable. Not his fault however. 
He believes the actions he’s taking are just and I’m not even going to say there’s any other way he could’ve gone about it. That’s the point of cyberpunk. He can’t just go and destroy the labor planet and kill the evil people on it. It’s still up there at the end of the movie and you can believe there will be more Roy’s coming to Earth but that won’t have any impact.
But there both doing the things there doing because of the Tyrell corporation. I would say it’s more morally ambiguous. You could say Rick is an antihero but I’m not as confident in that label as I usually am. Same with Roy. 
Sure they killed Tyrell which has an impact not a big one because you can bet Tyrell has apprentices who knows how to make replicants as well as he did. It’s a full corporation so you know people know the way to create a replicant. 
So summed up all the characters except Rachel are despicable. Once again humans are less human than replicants. 
“That’s the Tyrell corporation motto more human than human.”
That line sums up the movie. 
Roy is more human then Rick. Dealing with his own mortality at the end in the rain. 
Now is Rick a replicant probably not. 
But that’s a whole other discussion. I’ll get into why I believe he is human in a spoiler review. And we know Rachel is a replicant. There isn’t any doubt about that. The piano scene pretty much tells you. 
But the replicant human thing is once again a whole other review. 
But yeah Vangelis has makes an amazing original soundtrack.
More specifically Blues is an amazing track. 
And the atmosphere of the film is great it feels like you’re in this rainy environment with Rick. 
The visuals are amazing. 
The shot of Rick looking down his balcony as Blues plays is probably my favorite shot.
Every shot is beautiful.
That shot of Roy in the rain as he’s giving his speech is amazing. 
The scene with camera annoyed me a little bit. While it looked cool the first time as a person who wears glasses it started to strain my eyes at points. 
But other than the camera shot it’s all masterfully shot. But the camera thing may be specific to me I mean it just hurt my vision a little bit. But it may not do the same to others. 
But yeah all the shots inside Ricks apartment are great.
All the shots are masterful it’s Ridley Scott what do you expect. 
The characters are great.
Rachel and Roy are easily the best characters. 
While Rick is more the lens you see the world through. He’s a very flawed character which is always great. I found Rachel and Roy much more interesting. 
Seeing Rachel reel with being a replicant but convincing herself she’s human is extremely interesting and a very complex idea. I didn’t feel she got the amount of screen time she deserved. I mean her character was just rich and three dimensional and I honestly expected a little more. But what we do learn about her character is interesting. 
And Roy.
“And moments of time are like tears in the rain.”
Starts of like a bit of a cliche villain when you first see him. Then slowly throughout the movie he becomes more human. His reaction to what happens to Zhora and Leon is very human I mean you can tell he’s in pain. 
And as I talked about above being stuck on a labor planet and having his motives be the way they are is interesting. 
I wish we did get more time Zhora and Leon though. It happened a bit to fast. While Leon has the interview thing in the end when he dies he doesn’t feel human. There’s not really much impact. Zhora’s death you do feel more impact due more to the way it’s filmed by Ridley than anything. 
They just sorta felt disposable. 
But I did love the leitmotif with the replicant.
When you see Pris walk up the J. F. you know she’s a replicant so the music sticks with you. And that scene where Pris is just walking as Blues plays is masterful. That’s probably my favorite scene of the film. 
But yeah it’s played when you meet Pris and is played during Zhora’s death and it just perfectly contrasts to the peacefulness of before now being changed to scene was interesting. And the chase with Batty it was subtle but you can hear it.
But yeah the characters are mixed. I think Rachel and Roy were the most intriguing but Rick was great as well just not nearly as interesting. 
And in terms of metaphors.
When will machines become more human than humans? When will you not be able to tell? Can a machine be human? Is a machine able to feel these emotions we feel? Is Rick a replicant? 
Definitely asks some interesting questions about man and machine. I enjoyed some moral quandaries while I watched. 
Now I’ll give this a 8/10 I haven’t seen the final cut so the rating may go up. 
But yeah if you haven’t read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I highly highly highly recommend it. 
Phill K. Dick is one of the greatest writers to me. 
He uses such interesting concepts.
He’s written many books I consider masterpieces including Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
But if you want a place to start try A Scanner Darkly. Very interesting concept executed very well. 
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is his magnum opus in my opinion.
But yeah that’s it for my review.
Oh also I’ve been re reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? for the last couple of weeks and my love for it has grown even more I’ll probably finish it soon.
And as to the reason it’s four stars. I just didn’t connect with it. I really hope I do on the final cut but for now a solid four stars.

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