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  • Fog Line

    Fog Line


    A spiritual journey.
    I have no words right now.
    I’ve been struggling to crack into landscape cinema for a while now but I’ve finally got in and now I want to see more.
    This films atmosphere grabbed me and hooked me in for the whole run time.
    Every minute it felt like the trees morphed into something else or something moved in the fog.
    You can hear the birds chirp but you don’t know where.
    A mysterious plane.
    This is a perfect film.
    Instant favorite.
    More landscape cinema soon because holy fuck this was an experience I didn’t expect to have today.

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    That was solid.
    Songs were definitely the highlight.
    My favorite was either Breathe or 96,000.
    The direction was quite odd. 
    It went from a few great shots to some shots that I just personally wasn’t a big fan of. 
    The direction really didn’t click with me for the entire first act but after the second act I got used to it. 
    Just way to many lens flares. 
    I had trouble getting into it for the first twenty or so minutes…

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  • Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

    Nymphomaniac: Vol. I


    Warning this review is a lot more serious then my other reviews it delves into some of my past issues and if you’re not interested in reading a heavier review avoid this one.

    Another backlog review. 
    This film shook me to my core when I first saw it.
    I haven’t discussed this on here but I used to be an addict.
    I won’t specify to what but it was bad. 
    I gave up important moments in my life just to…

  • Soul



    Well I think I just found my new favorite Pixar film. 
    I’m just at a loss for words right now. 
    This may be the most emotional experience I’ve had during a Pixar film.
    This film is just pure emotion. 
    Also probably the Pixar film I’ve connected with the most. 
    I’ll write a longer review on it eventually but for now that’s all I can really write. 
    Just wow.
    Pixar does it again. 
    10/10 I didn’t expect to give it that score but it deserves it.