Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★½

I was probably too young when I first saw this film; it was really hard to sit through and I think it even made my cry. Oh the memories. Nonetheless I still had one hell of a great time; even re-watching it yet again it's hard to not be anxious.

This film being so dark is what makes it so great, but it also makes it the hardest to re-watch out of the Indiana Jones films, at least for me. The action of course is all top notch, and I never really took notice of how funny this film until now, which I'm glad really helps balance this film out. Some may complain about Willie being an annoying character, but I always get a laugh how over the top she is, and she really helps enliven the film. Same goes to Short Round who is such a likeable kid. Indiana Jones on the other hand doesn't get much character development as he does in other instalments, instead this film focuses much more on the adventure, which isn't a bad thing at all considering how cool of a character Indiana Jones is, and how good his interactions with other characters are.

Overall, this film is pleasantly dark and creepy and very memorable because of it, while still being an incredibly fun, but also boldly different Indiana Jones film.

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