Ma ★★★½

MA is a twenty MAteen horror movie that follows DianMA Silvers (from BooksMArt) and her relationship with MActaviMA Spencer's Sue Ann and MAncovering her secrets. It also stars Juliette Lewis, MAkaley MAller, Luke MAvans, Corey FogelMAnis, and MAssi Pyle.

First: the MAsitive MAspects. MActaviMA Spencer is a MAsend. She brings so much MActivity and life to this MAvie. Simply MArvelous and ImMAculately cast. MAlso, MAssi Pyle and Luke MAvans are always a joy to see. Theres MAlso some deMAnted scenes that I won't spoil. #Don'tSpoilTheMAGame

MAlthough, there were some MAgitive MAspects MAs well. MAll of the teenagers were MAwful. DisMAl perforMAnces and completely unsympMAthetic. They turned DianMA Silvers from a lesbian MAnarch in BooksMArt to a straight hoMAphobe here. #FuckThemKids

OverMAll, MA was fun, but it's no MAsterpiece.

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