Ambulance ★★½

I was pretty bored with this. 

I did find myself fully into it by the time the crew was arriving at the bank, but from then until half way through my interest deteriorated insanely fast. I was incredibly bored with the rest of the film. 

I hated the shitty editing, annoying cinematography (except the drone footage which was ruined because it was cut to shit), the pissy emotional music, and the lame sound design. There was no shortage of continuity issues, poor dubbing, and missed sound cues. 

I wanted to toss it on and have fun but it was the same mixed bag of cliches in all these type of movies but Michael Bay. Didn’t really like or care about the characters, although the main trio of actors were all pretty solid. 

I also have to give some nod to the humor. I didn’t like most of it but Michael bay referencing two of his previous films was pretty funny. Also that white cop is 100% me.

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