What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows ★★★★

And with that, the last stake is driven into the coffin... or better, directly into the chest... of the sparkle-boy Twilight vampire era. And the vampire genre finally has it's defining comedy. What We Do in the Shadows has a good shot at being the Spinal Tap of the decade.

Like a proper vampire, this movie's humor is bone dry, wildly discomforting, extravagantly staged, and melancholy. It never goes for an easy or mean-spirited joke. And it achieves that Christopher Guest trick of making us love these characters with every further revelation of their naivete. It proves that a movie can be about "Dumb and Dumber" characters without insulting the intelligence of its audience.

The cast of characters are so well-developed, the lines so relentlessly quote-worthy, and the comedy so filled with love and so refreshingly devoid of mean-spiritedness... I can already tell you that this is one I'm going to have an appetite to revisit many, many times. Just for the pleasure of its company.

My only gripe is that the movie's one major casualty happens to my favorite character, one in whom a comic genius like Peter Sellers would have sensed boundless comedy potential.

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