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  • Black Widow

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  • Black Widow

    Black Widow

    Please be careful with potential spoilers below:

    I'm sorry. I was not a fan of this, and I really did want to be. For me, the film was 'wrong' in a way. Like not morally or ethically wrong, but just 'wrong' in its identity, in the story and stakes that the filmmakers chose it to have. The opening sequence, which I thought was an interesting set-up, and credits (which do have that...alarming...cover of a certain very well known song) are…

  • Yes


    Yes has its moments where I got whiffs of GCSE English Literature, watching a much-to-be-desired film adaptation of a Shakespeare play. There are points when the chemistry between two actors feels too staged, too much a performance in verse than a consistently cinematic scene. I would definitely not find it strange to read comments on the film's fetishizing of minority communities, especially through the Lebanese He. Although the film smartly acknowledges this as the drama escalates, there is still here…

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  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    [All following comments are based on a recent re-viewing of the Final Cut]
    [Spoilers too, probably]

    Blade Runner intimidates me. I have such an adoration of the film at this point that I am a bit scared of writing waffle about it. This is not to say I think the film is perfect. It is simply that the effect that the film has on me is one of exceeding profundity. Therefore, with that preface in mind, I will now briefly…

  • A Single Man

    A Single Man

    I think we can all agree that A Single Man makes a perfect rainy Thursday double bill with Supernova. A two-time punch in one's fleeting happiness from Colin Firth? Yes please.

    LGBTQIA+ Weekend Watch no. 19

    Some spoilers below:

    With its brash melodrama and sincerity, A Single Man is a film I appreciate more than personally connect with. At points, the symbolism, the editing, the changes in colour and saturation, the voiceover, and even the accents are too much for…