Philadelphia, PA

Favorite films

  • Darling
  • Blood and Black Lace
  • From Beyond
  • Christine

Recent activity

  • Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker


  • Bohemian Rhapsody


  • Dolls


  • They Remain


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  • Suture



    Suture contains every element I crave in a film: a strange/surreal premise, gorgeous black and white cinematography, uncanny nightmare sequences, neo-noir suspense, and just the right amount of ambiguity.

    This is an experiment with how audiences view a film, and it tests the extent our minds can close the gap between what we see and what we are told. It's ambitious and challenging, but everything feels completely natural.

    Here, "identity" is an aggregate of symbols constructed in the unconscious, and…

  • Sleepwalkers



    Scene 1: Two police officers encounter a scene of dozens of cats lynched from trees and flayed; a teenagers dead body flies out of a closet, somehow screaming.

    Scene 2: Abrupt Mother-Son incest, what the fuck.

    Scene 3: Mädchen Amick (Shelly from Twin Peaks) dancing like a crazy person.

    Scene 4: Soundtrack plays a score that sounds all too familiar. I think to myself, "There's no way The Fugees sampled their instrumental for the song 'Ready or Not' from this movie,"…