Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★★

Man, I had a really great time with this one. The editing is kinda crazy at times but I sort of feel like that fits the movie well since we have so many different characters on a speed train with a shit load of action coming at you left and right. I loved what each character brought to the screen and I shared a few laughs for the entirety of the movie. There’s a few great cameos in this that’ll bring a smile to your face and the action is spectacular. The duo of Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor Johnson was the best part. All of the Latinas in the theater lost it when Bad Bunny appeared on the screen lol. It’s far fetched of course, but I really liked it. Go in open minded and you’ll have a grand old time. It’s nowhere near a perfect movie, but a good theater experience, indeed.

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