Chungking Express

Chungking Express ★★★★½


YESSS. The magic happened tonight lmao. After sleeping one night about it, thinking a lot about it and discussing the film with my mother and sis with whom i watched it, i get the vibe now. I love that my family also got many other details i didn't notice myself. These unique images, the use of soundtrack and the music itself, the performances, the plot.... Everything is excellent.

Instantly rating it up from 3.5 to 4.3.
I look forward to rewatch this again someday.

Oh and funny thing: i didn't like California Dreamin' before watching it. Now i can't get enough of it haha


This is my first time watch and also my first WKW experience. I really want to love this movie and if feels like a movie i actually should love it bc the film the exact same vibe i adore and love, but I'm sad bc i didn't feel emotionally connected and the second story confused and bored me a little bit. Although the second story girl was so fun to watch.
I wish that the first one was a little longer, bc i looooved it!

I will soon watch Fallen Angels and then ITMFL and then I'll definitely rewatch Chungking Express. I bet that i will love it more, the more i watch it. At least i hope so....
Also, i see that a lot of people love the second story even more than the first on a rewatch and on the first watch it's mostly the first story who's superior. Idk. I really need a rewatch

1st story: 4/5
2nd story: 3.5/5

(Medium: DVD/TV)

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