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This review may contain spoilers.

Mad scientist alert! Dr Vincent Price plays part-time doctor, part-time husband, full-time loon in The Tingler. Throw logic out the window and just enjoy the ride. There's an evil wife (every time the camera sees her there's a few bars of evil saxophone music); there's a do-goody sister-in-law; there's a preppie younger mad scientist wannabe; there's a softly spoken chap who just wants to be friends; there's the fearful woman with "VICTIM' written all over her...and there's the Tingler - a rubbery cross b/w a centipede and an earwig. And there's lots and lots of screaming.
1 star for being my fav William Castle film
1 star for the splash of red
1 star for the film within a film
1 star for Vincent's trip
1 star as I'd love the opportunity to have the house lights go out and scream in the dark

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