Carol ★★★★★

sometimes it really weighs on me. the half truths and dreaded anticipation are hard to bare from time to time. and, though well intended, the easy words of affirmation from those i trust can feel so empty. but even when it's especially bad, carol is a comforting promise. a promise that love can still grow from the bitter and difficult to navigate reality that is hiding a part of yourself. a promise that happiness isn't something one should be deprived of just because it's been taught that way. a promise that two people's love for each other, wether platonic or romantic, is, at its core, good, and whole, and human.
all of this and more is clear as i watch carol. with its striking cinematography, brilliant use of color, and vulnerable performances, carol is an entrancing love story. but more than that, it's a story of how love can bind and fill two peoples lives, until all of the monotony and vacancy of empty conversation and cold stares doesn't seem to matter at all.

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