Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★½

Look...this is a fun movie! A Tarantino wannabe...and a good Tarantino wannabe if I may say. I liked the cast...and the characters...they were colorful and wacky (Lemon and Tangerine were probably my favorite), I liked the dialogues (they were funny), and I liked the story, that is, the background of the plot and the reason why all these killers found themselves on the same train...that was well done!
But as for the action goes...well, the action is nothing special IMO. It's violent, well-choreographed and fun to watch, but nothing really impressed me that much! And if you ask me, David Leitch is an overrated action director in Hollywood. Especially since the directors of some low-budget films and some Korean films do a much better job!

But anyway...I was entertained, and that's what matters the most...

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