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  • Ballerina



    Here's a completely and utterly forgotten gem, evidenced by the fact that it has 52 votes on IMDb and took me 2 years to track down. This is what people should mean when they claim something is underrated or overlooked. TCM apparently showed it for the first time in 15 years last year, and I missed it, which made me upset. Ultimately, however, I enjoyed the search, and didn't end up watching it until I'd already owned it for a…

  • Bedevilled



    I went into this expecting a supernatural horror of some sort solely based on the title. What I got instead was a terrifying, powerful movie in regards to the emotional toll its depicted mental, physical, and sexual abuse take. The movie has an amazing build up, garnering much sympathy for Bok-nam before anything commonly defined as "horror" starts, and it ends up being the scariest part of the movie.

    The director, Jang Cheol-soo, has worked as an assistant director for…