Bros ★★★

This movie is so hard to review because I'm struggling to decide how much I should let my enjoyment affect my rating. I genuinely had a good time and laughed quite a bit whenever I wasn't rolling my eyes or heavily sighing. This movie dares to ask the question, "what if annoying gay people got laid too," and while I admire the gusto, I do have to wonder the love story this could've been if Billy Eichner didn't hate himself or other gay people. This movie INSISTS you put up with a self-loathing, jaded, narcissist as a main protagonist and watch as he whines and groans about the plight of how superficial queer-dating is, before and after that same main protagonist hooks up with several headless torsos. Billy's character lusts after every muscular and masculine figure in this movie while vilifying them for doing the same and yet believes he is exempt from this vilification because he has a *checks notes* fagcent? This movie believes that for some reason, this cis white queer romance is special so it puts all its eggs in the representation basket but fails to recognize its true strength as a comedy. This movie is hilarious, so much so that it almost makes you forgive how annoying it is and maybe I would... had I actually saw a romance worth caring about. At its best, Bros is a hilarious inside joke amongst queer people navigating the dating scene. At its worst, Bros is a slightly homophobic commentary on queer love that believes it is more clever than it is.

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