RRR ★★★★

RRR was a blast and also a quintessential "dudes rock" movie. It fires on all cylinders to deliver an adrenaline-fueled, emotional & action-packed adventure offset by some of the most bonkers, jaw-dropping setpieces which spectacularly blends history and mythology. This movie is further proof of why SS Rajamouli is one of world cinema's most audacious & ambitious imagemakers. I was entirely immersed and immensely amazed. Complemented perfectly by a thumping score and some exquisite imagery. I was pumping my fist in the air and hooting and hollering the whole time. The movie rests strongly on the shoulders of Jr NTR & Ram Charan, and SSR has balanced both characters smartly. Jr NTR gives a sincere moving performance and Ram gives a powerful, surprisingly layered performance. And man, Ram Charan's introduction sequence is one for the ages.
Tho, the villian is weak and face-off towards the end could have been better. Nevertheless, it's a singular theatrical experience, and not one I’ll forget anytime soon. RRR manages to live up to the weight of my massive expectations.

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