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  • Thief
  • 25th Hour
  • Ocean's Eleven
  • Inherent Vice

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  • The Last Seduction


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  • The Last Seduction

    The Last Seduction


    John Dahl's The Last Seduction is an excellent neo-noir erotic thriller, told from the femme fatale’s perspective. Such a clever, darkly-funny and under-discussed movie. Linda Fiorentino gives an astonishing performance, as one of cinema's most memorable femme fatales. Such a shame Fiorentina disappeared off the scene. Bill Pullman gives a brilliantly sleazy performance, wish he had more screen time in the film.
    This & Body Heat would make for a great double bill.

  • Edge of Darkness

    Edge of Darkness


    Martin Campbell's Edge of Darkness is a solid revenge/conspiracy thriller, single-handedly elevated by powerhouse performances from Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone. It's formulaic, sure, but brutal and tightly directed enough to distract from the obvious plot machinery. Quite underappreciated.

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  • Nobody



    "I’m not in danger Skyler, I’m the DANGER."

    - W̶a̶l̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶W̶h̶i̶t̶e̶ ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‎Saul Goodman

  • Minari



    Dude, I was so goddamn stressed throughout the movie. Like I was really worried for the whole damn family (especially for Alan Kim).

    This movie is such an incredibly moving and empathetic portrait of Korean-American family in search of their own American Dream. It's compassionately told, intimate drama filled with moments of innocence, pure joy and incredible sadness. Every actor is a standout & Emile Mosseri's score was sublime.