Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

I’m honestly speechless I can’t put words for this film because of how creative and different and vast it is. 
  Something I really appreciate about this film and I can’t express my love enough for is how creative this film is. I don’t know how the Daniel’s created a movie like this and Michelle Yeoh is right. They are evil geniuses. I will never understand what went through their minds when making this movie and honestly I don’t even want to know. How can you make a film like this. I’m so happy A24 exists because I don’t think any studio would pick this movie up and make it except for A24. I thank A24 for making this and the filmmakers, VFX crew, and everyone. You can tell everyone poured their heart and soul into this movie. 
   There’s so much to say and so much I can talk about how I appreciate this so much. The costumes and makeup were so well thought out and if they don’t win an award then the Oscar’s are rigged. That’s some of the best makeup and costuming I have seen in a long long time. The amount of detail and effort that was put into this film was just so incredible. 
  The score and the music is something else I wanted to say. It was wonderful, beautiful, crazy, intense. And that’s what this movie was. You feel every emotion in this film and it’s a wild and crazy roller coaster. There was a point in the film with the Fanny pack fight where I couldn’t stop laughing. I was crying I couldn’t keep myself together. The shots and the editing and the lighting was something else that I can appreciate. How can you not like this crazy and phenomenal film. It is THE greatest thing I have ever seen. 
    Overall, this movie was a crazy and wild journey and I’m so happy I got to experience this in a theatre. I was crying by the end and the Daniel’s come up with some genius tricks and ideas and you know what I mean if you’ve seen this movie. Truly remarkable how this was made. This is a once in a lifetime movie that you will never get to experience again. I have so much more things to say. I need to have a conversation with someone

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