Logan ★★★★★

A worthy ending for our beloved Wolverine.

I have been pretty disappointed with the X-Men lately. The two latest installments have not been very good in my opinion. I am very happy that this was as good as I dared to wish it would be.

The movie differ a lot from the previous Wolverine movies. It wasn't as "straighforward" in it's storytelling. It raised many questions that it didn't answer. And I think that was why it worked so well. It was original in a way the other movies never were.
Also, the atmosphere was spot on; violent, sad and surprisingly (for a X-Men movie) melancholic. It also felt way more apocalyptic than "X-Men: Apocalypse" ever did.

If there never is another X-Men movie (which is unlikely because of the capitalistic-blockbuster-obsessed Hollywood) BUT if that was the case, I'm very happy that this is the last one.