The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

this was one of my most anticipated movies of the last couple years, every time it got delayed i died a little inside but it was definitely worth the wait 

i’m the first to admit that most superhero movies don’t really do it for me BUT i’m also a sheep and will be seated everytime anwyay. however, this one had something many of the others do not; HOT PEOPLE

obviously it goes without saying, robert pattinson and zoë kravitz are very hot (duh) but i also really liked them as batman and catwoman. Tonally this feels different from the nolan movies (from what i’ve seen anyways) like hello this was very high camp, very slay.

goofiest of them all is the riddler, a great villain and not one i knew much about. scary? no not really. goofy? yes absolutely but in the best possible way. 

the score absolutely slaps michael giacchino can truely do no wrong like when batman first appears and then score comes in i was a bit gagged. not only did i love the look of gotham itself i thought the film in general looked great

and yeah it was 3 hours which is LONG (bring back 90 minute movies please) but it didn’t feel like it dragged on forever, this also could’ve just been bc i watched it in theatres and time moves differently in there 

basically, i liked it and i’ll probably watch it again in theatres. is my score affected by hot people and seeing it in theatre? probably but who cares.

p.s. to my friends that i saw this with i didn’t like it…. ouch and i take that personally sorry you don’t like hot people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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