The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

The Northman is barbarically beautiful and a testament to Robert Eggers’ growth as a filmmaker. It’s hands down his most accessible film, while still remaining very Robert Eggers, and easily one of the best films of the year. 

Where The VVitch showed Eggers command of the camera and The Lighthouse was a masterclass in lighting, The Northman is the culmination of both, with breathtaking scenery and a standout ensemble. 

There are bits of brutality that look borrowed from Klimov’s Come and See, and effective uses of beautiful long takes that drive the tension and action like Mendes’ 1917.

The Northman is more than Viking-Hamlet. Similar to Eggers’ two prior films, it has a knowledge and respect for Norse mythology and the folklore. That care and understanding for the subject translates to the screen, bringing this period piece to life with a sense of realism all epics should strive for.

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