Shame ★★★★★

As soon as those credits hit, it took a while for me to just... do something. It became really hard to do simple things like stopping the movie or moving my arms or legs. I just... sat there, shaking a little, thinking and comprehending what I just witnessed.

It's crazy to think how a film about a man struggling with a sex addiction could impact and resonate so much with a frickin 15 year-old. I think that goes to show how universal, and ultimately how truly incredible Shame really is.

Shame isn't solely about the obsession of sex. No, what Shame really is about is loneliness and seclusion. About trauma, about depression, but also about trying to reconnect with others and trying to change. Well, at least for me it was.

The direction here is absolutely phenomenal. Not only are there some of the best one-take dialogue sequences I've ever seen, but there are scenes where not a single word is spoken, and yet speak volumes. Each frame is so delicate, every shot is pretty much perfect. That score is just something else, I really didn't expect it to be that powerful. And Fassbender and Mulligan... career-best performances. The level of complexity and passion they performed is something I don't think they'll ever top.

Gosh. Shame. A film so cold yet so utterly beautiful. A masterwork containing sex, yet holds so much more beneath the surface. This is a movie that had so much hype built around it, yet still blew me out of the water. Shame will sort of become an emotional catharsis piece for me. Something I'll watch, and afterwards feel so empty and so lonely. Ain't really looking forward to that haha, but I just loved this movie so, so frickin much.

Here's another film I won't ever be showing to family LMAOOOO

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