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  • Booksmart
  • Parasite
  • Call Me by Your Name
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

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  • Eternals


  • Iron Man 2


  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday


  • The Incredible Hulk


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  • Eternals



    Guys i hope you realize that just because you hate marvel doesn’t mean everyone else does lmao. Like you’re allowed your own opinion but these are not reviews its just a bunch of losers trying to impress each other with how pretentious they are

  • Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2


    This has always been my least favorite but i enjoyed it a lot more this time. Robert Downey Jr is just soooo great as Tony, he definitely makes this a lot better

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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    [1]Watch the horror movie on your watchlist with the earliest release date

    I'm starting very early because of how bad I did last month, I want an early start so I get something done.

    It's a little disappointing how some of the universal monster movies haven't held up as well as I wish they did, but this and Bride of Frankenstein were AWESOME. I love how those two embraced the campiness like I wished they others did and this one had really great effects that hold up better then they should have sense they came from the 30's.

  • Zodiac


    3) Watch a movie from my perfect movies list! (if you've seen all of them, watch a movie I've rated 4.5/5 or higher)

    I haven't even seen all his movies yet, but I think David Fincher is my favorite director. I feel like he makes his movies just for me.