Halloween ★★★★½

Listen. I know this movie isn't perfect, some of the dialogue can be really cringy. That's about all of the bad for me like this movie is one of my favorites in the entire Halloween franchise. I think the way Rob Zombie told Michaels backstory was so awesome and different and I liked the humanization of Michael Myers In this film. I like that hes supposed to be the essence of evil but, he can also be more human and yet is still an evil person that just isn't quite human anymore. I really like Tyler maine as Michael it's so fucking scary and MENACING. His mask has to be the best in the series as well, I adore the mask in both films. Scout Taylor Compton was amazing as Laurie strode, her performance was believable. Malcom McDowell has to be my favorite Loomis since he is a little more realistic to me than Donald Pleasences Loomis from 1978. Because I feel anyone would exploit this messed up family for fame and fortune especially if he was so involved in this family. Anyways this movie is great. Some dialogue makes me cringe but other than that definitely one of my favorites in the franchise.

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