Citizen Kane ★★★★

Citizen Kane has been on my watchlist for far too long, so I thought it's time to tackle this one. Known to be an essential viewing to anyone who interested in filmmaking, I knew I had to watch it at some point. I've always been afraid of watching films like Citizen Kane: Highly regarded as one of the best films ever made and beyond critically-acclaimed and loved by all. There are extremely intimidating for me personally and the biggest reason why I haven't seen Casablanca, 12 Angry Men, Lawrence of Arabia, and others.

Orson Welles' tale of the life of Charles Foster Kane was extraordinary for it's time and still holds up decades later. We jump back between flashbacks of Kane's life and the present time, in which Kane has died and reporters everywhere are scrambling to find out what his last word meant, the last word being Rosebud. This is where I couldn't enjoy this film as much as I could, due to the fact that I already knew what Rosebud was before viewing the film for the first time, so unfortunately, I couldn't go on this mystery with these characters. Kane is such an interesting character and witnessing his comeuppance from a little boy in Colorado to a big shot in a big city is magnificent.

With an already fantastic story comes the stellar direction that makes Citizen Kane even better. The cinematography is astounding. The editing is dazzling. Basically everything else technically is done so incredibly well. What really stuck out to me in the most in terms of visuals, is all the low angle shots. Learning how they did those shots by digging into the floor is really cool and interesting. There's never a dull moment that can be found within Citizen Kane. There's something always happening and it's enough to make anyone glued to their screen. Besides that, I also found the film to be on the more underwhelming side, as I went into expecting to watch the greatest film ever made.

Nevertheless, Citizen Kane is so high on many popular films polls and lists and for good reason. The writing, the acting, the direction, the cinematography. Everything is done in this film with precision. It's a perfect film for countless others, but a near-perfect film for me personally.