Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★

Um??? Not sure any of the themes in this really worked, like the story ends up not being about what it leads you to be about, and not in a twisty "oh I didn't see that coming" way but just it doesn't really feel very cohesive??

Definitely a "why haven't they just left?" kind of movie, and also a "what did any of that have to do with this ending?" kind of movie, and also maybe a little bit of a pointless movie it feels like, but I do feel there's something about the ending that kinda did something for me even if I really just did not get it at all, and I love complicated and ambiguous films ok, like I literally love the Nightmare on Elm Street remake so u know I've got great taste, but I just don't think I understood what the hell this shit was, but I will give it three stars for the part where the kid wears a cowboy hat and does a silly dance

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