isla has written 6 reviews for films rated ★★★★½ during 2017.

  • Jaws


    upon rewatching, i now understand Jaws is the hero of the movie Jaws. they wouldn’t name the movie after him if he wasn’t. he's the hero for eating these martha’s vineyard goons and the true villain is, i guess, capitalism. let's hear it for Jaws The Shark from the movie Jaws!

  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body

    “People expected ‘Jennifer’s Body’ to make so much money,” Fox said flatly. “But I was doubtful. The movie is about a man-eating, cannibalistic lesbian cheerleader, and that pretty much eliminates middle America. It’s obviously a girl-power movie, but it’s also about how scary girls are. Girls can be a nightmare.”
    – The Self-Manufacture of Megan Fox (The New York Times Magazine)

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away

    me in a ghibli movie, ideally: i take a block of cheese, a loaf of bread, and some apples and wander through the flower-specked mountains wrapped up in a shawl, and i happen to wander into a moving castle and fall in love with a cute wizard or find myself or something

    me in actuality (deep in the woods, dragging a duffle bag full of Kraft Singles™ and hopelessly lost): where’s totoro

  • Ratatouille


    this movie is so wild... . in the first 20m a woman points a shotgun at the protagonist and tries to shoot him multiple times, brings down the roof of her own house, and subsequently gasses it. then the rat goes to paris and meets the bastard son of a dead chef and almost dies. again. several times. many times! almost gets locked in an oven. and then drowned. then some shit happens and he controls the bastard son by…

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    the first time i found out that quentin tarantino has a foot fetish, i looked long and hard at a picture of him, looked into his eyes, and realized that somewhere, deep down, i had always known this

  • Watchmen


    [viewed the ultimate cut] i would've given 5 stars but that hallelujah scene is unforgivable