Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★½

objective best parts of this movie in no particular order:
- bucky picking up rocket and spinning around with him like julie andrews
- wong pretending that masters of the mystic arts don’t carry money when dr. strange is going to get something from the deli
- “you’ll die alone.” “she’s not alone.”
- “i am groot.” “i am steve rogers.”
- “we kick names and take ass.”
- the cloak of levitation doing more superhero work than the rest of the avengers put together
- thor repeatedly calling rocket a “sweet rabbit”
- spider-man being banned from making pop culture references
- “earth’s mightiest heroes” “like kevin bacon” “i don’t know, i’ve been away for a while. he might be part of the team now.”
- loki’s “we have a hulk” moment
- “is footloose still the greatest movie ever?” “it never was”
- rocket trying to buy bucky's arm off his body
- tony calling one of thanos’s children “squidward”
- star lord: “i’m gonna ask you this one time, where is gamora?”
stark: “yeah, i’ll do you one better, who is gamora?”
drax: “i’ll do you one better, why is gamora?”
- groot-speak being an elective on asgard
- hulk and banner arguing about whether they should hulk out or not
- drax believing he can turn invisible by staying still for a really long time
- rhodey tricking bruce into bowing to t’challa
- “get this man a shield”
- ben & jerry’s naming ice creams after the avengers
- star-lord imitating thor's voice
- eitri: it will kill you.
thor: only if i die.
eitri: yes…that…is what i meant by “it will kill you.“
- tony stark using a flip phone
- shuri being so unimpressed with bruce banner
- peter parker begging mantis not to lay eggs in him
- bruce falling over in his hulkbuster armour
- star lord competing with thor about who has the worst family and then boasting that he still has two eyes
- bruce: the avengers split up? what, like, a band? like the- the beatles?!
- hawkeye literally just not being there

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