Spencer ★★★★

I was under the impression this was going to be another one of those films which would be portraying every event of the protagonist's life which it wasn't thankfully and I appreciate that. There was no portrayal of Camilla and Charles adultery, it's Diana Spencer's story and not the princess of Wales and we don't need someone's betrayal overshadow her story atleast after overshadowing her entire life. The stitched curtains, the wired fence, the pearl necklace, the birds did act as brilliant metaphors. The shift of her persona while she was around her kids was heartwarming and the kid actors played their parts profoundly. The 'ethereal' cinematography, the vibrant pastel palette works so well in contrast with a story so lonely and wretched. Jacqueline Durran as always has brilliantly created such delicate vibrant costumes so afar from her 'mood', something she was expected to present herself as, so different than what she was actually going through. I smell another Oscar for Durran.
The hauntings and parallels drawn from Anne Boleyn was so clever.
The movie did have some shortcomings such as the second act which seemed somewhat unpaced, some exaggeration in the form of Gregory but overall the pros outweigh the cons.
Kristen was brilliant as expected her mannerisms reminded me of Emma stone for some reason. With people talking about her gestures and voice I found her eyes to be the most eloquent, certainty her best work till date.
Also makes me wonder the aftermath of creating a film about people who are mostly alive, considering most of the story is a creative decision and not a event in history, how would the families involved react to it.

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