Roma ★★★★½

TIFF 2018 FILM #12

Roma is Alfonso Cuaron’s biographical look at his childhood but focused and told from the perspective of the women in his life. I have mixed feelings about this being released by Netflix, mainly because I think that watching this at home on TV is not going to do the beauty in this film justice.
The sound design for Roma was like something I’ve never heard before, it’s basically grand scale ASMR and it makes the whole thing that much more immersive. I kept forgetting that I was watching a film and felt like I was just watching intimate moments from these peoples lives, some of which I shouldn’t be seeing. 
Roma is now the other front runner I have picked out for best picture. I’m also hoping to finally see a non-war type film win sound awards. If Netflix does do limited showings in theaters please try to catch one.


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