Roma ★★★★★

Watched on Netflix

He gave us Children of Men, one of the most exciting dystopias of all time. He gave us the best Harry Potter movie. And now Alfonso Cuarón gives us his most personal work so far. Roma is nothing but pure life in 2 hours 14 minutes of concentrated form.

The film breathes authenticity from every pore. Almost documentary and in astonishing technical and visual brilliance, Cuarón portrays the everyday life of two housemaids in 1970's Mexico. Their caring and professionalism clash with the problems of the family they work for and their own private destinies. The additionally woven in historical background fits organically into the story. The decision to shoot the film in black and white supports the look of the film so enormously. Almost every frame is a painting.

Just at the end, there were scenes in which my breath caught in tension. The fate of Cleo was very close to me.

For me it was the best movie of the year: touching, beautifully filmed, dramatic and very close to life.

It's almost ironic that the most cinematic movie of the year was now released on Netflix. Roma is the anti-Netflix movie par excellence. But at least that would answer the question, which is the best Netflix original movie so far.

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