Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

Shocktober 2018 # 19

Watched on Blu-Ray

My parents visited me this evening. Since they are no horror fans at all, but I still wanted to show them a movie with scenes that could frighten people like my parents without totally disturbing them, I inserted the disc of Kong: Skull Island.

The movie is perhaps the most expensive B-movie of all time. But it's a great, self-ironic fun filled with great moments. Every involved actor seems to know what she or he is in. Since everyone gets involved in the exaggerated nonsense, you always have the feeling to attend a big monster party. The monsters are awesome and sometimes quite nasty (these spiders in the forest were really cool and by far the most horror-ish stuff that happens).

My favorite scene is the one in which Shea Whigham heroically sacrifices himself with hand grenades and then is slapped on the rock by the tail of the lizard and dies in an explosion. This is the best proof for me that the creators prove self-irony. I laughed so heartily!

Also, this film is predestined for a drinking game: whenever the wonderful Brie Larson shoots a photo with the camera, you have to drink a shot.

For me, one of the biggest surprises of the cinema year 2017. Even rewatch in home cinema was a great experience. Btw, my parents also liked it.

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