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As I was getting in the cinema, I noticed Jenna Ortega’s poster billing is 4th to the end - with Samara Weaving as the last name. And since everyone already theorized Weaving as the opening kill, my dumb a$s thought our girl will get Randy-ed. So in every chase scene I assumed she’s gonna get brutalized. Only after the movie did I realize the cast is arranged alphabetically on the poster πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Anyways, here’s my unstructured review

- the generous amount of beautifully staged chase sequences; the building-crossing stair scene is thrillingly brutal and the subway scare tactic is insanely effective. A perfect mix of clever and aggressive.
-moving to open air New York is sublime choice, and the location’s are utilized well
- Melissa Barrera as a Final Girl. Her acting improved exponentially and she now has the IT factor she didn’t possess in Scream 5, a sort of eagerness that grows on viewers. Ortega, as always, is remarkable
- the romantic parts inserted in strategic areas, highlighting a needed growth for the main characters outside the realm of death and Ghostface. This humanized Tara and Sam, and even Chad, in my eyes.
- Hayden Panettiere slayed yet again oh my gosh!
- The screenwriters giving respect to Neve by protecting Sidney's character.

- John Segarra looks too old to be Sam’s beau
- 3 Ghostfaces?! Three?? I don’t know how to feel about that. Ghostface shooting people while donning a mask felt wrong too - though it makes sense after the killer reveal.
- the climax is generally a serve, but because there're more superior chases earlier, the final battle between The Baileys & The Carpenters felt contrived and lacking in grit.
- The Bailey's motivation has depth and is understandable, unlike Amber and Charlie's trumped-up motives.

- Weaving’s entire sequence is a disservice to both fans who’re ecstatic having here in the franchise and to Weaving herself. Her scene was too short and her death is unremarkable. I’m so annoyed. Excluding Jason’s death a scene later, I tout this Scream’s weakest opening kill.
- the meta references and movie-to-life comparisons are getting stale, and I felt like it was mentioned only to appease diehards and continue the trend, but its contributions to the plots are looking forced and just out of habit.
- everyone getting stabbed but surviving is forgivable at first until it was just taxing. As if the producers are scared to butcher someone famous. This facet touts some of the scare tactics useless progressions.

All in all, Scream 6 is a gory and sharp reinvention of a vintage franchise, always smartly taking advantage of new methods to satisfy its horde of fans. Really hoping Neve could renegotiate a deal for Scream 7.

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