Missing ★★★★½

Maybe June can recover my old Tumblr account?

Missing is an excellent technology based thriller about a daughter’s frantic search for her missing mom. This movie never ran out of agile surprises and well-timed twists, ensuring a breakneck pace of exciting and breathless online detective work. The issues of cyber security and surveillance, hacking, and government red tape was mixed evenly with sturdy real life issues and afflicting emotional punches. The characters are likable and/or well-written too, and are mostly utilized in unfolding the ingenious cyber world tension. Using an-all screen storytelling is a fantastic choice that paid dividends; allowing the directors to play up reveals with technical flair. Acting wise, Storm Reid got to show her developing talent but it was Joaquim de Almeida’s helpful rider who stole our hearts. 

Missing is a little too incredulous and the final act strayed from the earlier riveting scenes but all in all, an energetic and competent thriller detailing how toxic men are.

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