• Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


    I loved the part 1 but this one also brilliant. Engaging screenplay. Fantastic work done by animation team. Action scenes was outstanding. Visual stunning. BG Score was superb. Few scenes are dragging. Climax not satisfied for me.

  • Ponniyin Selvan: Part II

    Ponniyin Selvan: Part II


    PS2 historical fiction. Biggest positive is casting everyone gave good performance. This part highlight is Vikram & Aishwarya Rai. Vikram performance was superb. Aishwarya Rai gave good performance but her age is the factor to disconnect from the character. Cinematography & Colour grading was fantastic. BG Score was worked well. I know the novel full story but in this film changed the climax totally disappointed for me. Overall average

  • John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4


    John wick 4 action thriller flick. Action blocks are a major reason to watch. 3 continuous action in the 2nd half before climax was fantastic. Especially the fire gun scene that looks like a video game. Keanu Reeves did a good job in the action scenes. Donnie yen's character and performance was good. Cinematography & BG Score was fantastic. Over the top action scenes. Senseless logic in fights. If you like John wick series then definitely you like this one.

  • Vikram Vedha

    Vikram Vedha


    Vikram Vedha crime thriller flick. Hrithik Roshan he did the vedha role in his own style & swag almost justified the character he never try copy or imitate VJS who did in orginal. Apart from Hrithik no other cast did justice to character everyone looks artificial especially Saif actually in original madhavan did amazing performance with Vikram character and competed with vedha character in acting too. Art department and cinematography was good. BG Score was not upto the mark whenever used…

  • Dasara



    Dasara period action drama flick. Nani nailed it with the performance. Nani frd character did good job. Keerthy Suresh mixed of both good & bad performance. Cinematography was stunning. BG Score was backbone of the film. Climax stunt was good. 1st Half set up was different plot 2nd half plot totally changed and collapsed. Overall below average.

  • Viduthalai: Part I

    Viduthalai: Part I


    Viduthalai Part 1 crime drama flick. Soori pulled off the character well. He did an extraordinary job in terms of acting. Bhavani shree equally did a fantastic job. Chetan , GVM & VJS did a good job. Other casting is also perfect. The cinematography was brilliant. Songs are also good. BG Score was a little disappointed. The opening scene itself is enough to get into the world of viduthalai and the Climax stunt was just an outstanding execution. Few unwanted scenes…

  • Pathu Thala

    Pathu Thala


    Pathu thala crime thriller flick. Gautham Karthik good acting. STR carried the film well in 2nd half. Apart from this nothing impressive in this film. Technically not bad nothing to mention. GVM was bad casting. Predictable flow. Overall below average film.

  • Vaathi


    Vaathi action drama flick. Dhanush is the show stealer of the film. Ken Karunas had a good role and did good performance. Samyuktha does not have a great role. Other casting was neat. Songs & BG Score are major strength of the film. Other technical department was not bad. Period was not registered well. Most scenes are shot in Telugu and dubbed in Tamil. Old school screenplay treatment we can predict the scene. Very few films are worked partially it gives good film. Above average film for me.

  • Dada


    Dada rom-com feel good flick. Kavin performance was fantastic major hold the screen. Aparna Das also did superb job apart from climax. Harish and Pradeep was did good job. Other supporting cast also perfect. Cinematography & Dialogue was superb. Song and BG Score was not good but could have been better. Few unwanted scenes and one song in 2nd half. Conflict are solved easily. Overall good film for me.

  • An Action Hero

    An Action Hero

    An Action Hero film is an action thriller flick. Ayushmann Khurrana did a fantastic job throughout the film. Jaideep Ahlawat also has a good performance as Khurrana. Other supporting cast was decent. Cinematography & BG Score was great. The action choreography was superb. Hero stuck into the unfortunate problem of how he solved the situation is the tale of the film. They tried to engage the audience as much as possible but failed in some places. Overall above average film for me.

  • Runway 34

    Runway 34

    Runway 34 based on true incidents. Ajay Devgan good performance. Amitabh Bachchan hold you on later parts with his performance. Other cast gave decent performance. Technically strong. Cinematography & BG Score was good. 1st half adventure thriller 2nd half courtroom drama. Sudden genre shift in the movie personally I don't like that even though courtroom drama was good. Few scenes doesn't work in both half. Overall Decent Film for me

  • Varalaru Mukkiyam

    Varalaru Mukkiyam

    Varalaru Mukkiyam romcom flick. Apart from the heroine I don't like anything in the film. Very few comedies worked. Everyone gave average performance. Usual template story with mediocre treatment makes it flatter. It should be better execution needed. Technically also average. Overall below average