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  • Vaathi


    Vaathi action drama flick. Dhanush is the show stealer of the film. Ken Karunas had a good role and did good performance. Samyuktha does not have a great role. Other casting was neat. Songs & BG Score are major strength of the film. Other technical department was not bad. Period was not registered well. Most scenes are shot in Telugu and dubbed in Tamil. Old school screenplay treatment we can predict the scene. Very few films are worked partially it gives good film. Above average film for me.

  • Dada


    Dada rom-com feel good flick. Kavin performance was fantastic major hold the screen. Aparna Das also did superb job apart from climax. Harish and Pradeep was did good job. Other supporting cast also perfect. Cinematography & Dialogue was superb. Song and BG Score was not good but could have been better. Few unwanted scenes and one song in 2nd half. Conflict are solved easily. Overall good film for me.

Popular reviews

  • Pathaan


    Pathaan High Octane Action flick. Shahrukh Khan is bang on screen after 4 years. Neat performance from SRK & Deepika. Other supporting casts don't have an acting scope. SRK, Deepika & John did fantabulous job in stunt scenes. Cinematography & Action choreography is the biggest strength. Film is filled with action scenes most of the stunts are enjoyable. Tiger Cameo was superb. Songs okay. BG Score big letdown. This kind of story we saw in many Spy thriller. In few place dragged but Treat for SRK fans & Action lovers. Finally Pathaan satisfied me.

  • Gargi


    Gargi was slow paced movie. Sai Pallavi was outstanding performance she shouldered whole movie. Kaali Venkat was amazing performance. Other supporting cast also perfect and neat performances. Technically strong. Cinematography was superb. BG Score also good. Content was very very good the message ( Child Abuse ) was perfectly conveyed to audience Hats off to director. Songs are not worked for me. Slow pace so somewhere I felt lag. A climax is not worked for me looks like force fitted. Overall Decent movie must for the message