My Chemical Romance: Life on the Murder Scene

My Chemical Romance: Life on the Murder Scene

“you’re not in this alone.”

this tuesday. my chemical romance. newark, new jersey. 15 minutes from belleville. 15 minutes from the basement gerard way could barely drag himself out of some days. i’m hoping not to cry the entire time (i can’t miss seeing frank iero’s hands live and in action), but finally getting some form of musical, emotional, and spiritual catharsis with these guys who have helped so many through some really wretched times might be too much for my eyeliner to handle. 

when you think of being 13 and feeling so alone in your room then flash forward to being in a stadium full of people who probably sat in their own rooms, miles and miles away, feeling the same, it is the most beautiful betrayal of your teenage self. from “no one understands me,” to “all of these people, including the ones on stage, understand in one way or another.” and here we are scream-singing along to the same songs, not alone this time. 

it’s been 20 years since bullets. almost 10 since the breakup. so much has changed in that time. but my chemical romance is still the band who wants to save your life and we’re still the kids they saved. so maybe i won’t be able to hold back the tears. maybe i’ll jump and sing in a way that would’ve embarrassed me just a few years ago. but when the opening chords of “helena” play, i hope teenage ireland can hear them too.

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