Roma ★★★

Oh so well-crafted, but oh so more concerned with its technical aspects for a long time, so that a certain hospital scene felt like pure exploitation to me. By the time the beach scene came around I felt the emotional weight was far more earned, still I cannot help but feel that the actual storytelling and drawing of characters is rather shallow, which shouldn't come as a surprise when it's some bloke using a female person from his past as a vessel to present whatever period of his coming of age, even if it's meant to be a tribute to her.
I don't doubt the ambition was matched with honest intent and I guess it works for many people, or they at least say so because they were told so, as is the standard modus operandi in film criticism and its online echo chambers, but alas there is too much humanity missing for me to join the choirs of praise and there's so many more compelling films with this slice of life approach to story- or not storytelling, especially from Japan by the way, so maybe I'm just bloody jaded/expecting too much from these kinds of films.

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