Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★★½

i loved it. i missed being in a marvel theatre, and i’m still upset that this got pushed back when we originally planned to see it for my birthday last year, but ITS FINE. 

the opening credits gave me chills. excellent song choice and i thought it really stood out. the cast chemistry is INSANE. everyone is so funny and alexei is just absolutely fucking HILARIOUS. i find his obsession with steve rogers inspiring, as i am also obsessed with him. 

what is all this tension? 

thought taskmaster could’ve been given more, but it didn’t ruin the movie for me…

one of the biggest complaints i have is that natasha is only just now getting this movie obviously. moments of tension are kind of destroyed since we know her outcome, and i would’ve loved this to be a “Black Widow 2/3” that came right after civil war or before ragnarok instead of nat’s only solo film, and i will continue to be upset about that until i see fit

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