Pig ★★★★

“Today’s journey begins by uniting the depths of the sea with the riches of our forests. We’ve emulsified locally sourced scallops encased in a flash-frozen seawater roe blend on a bed of foraged huckleberry foam. All bathed in the smoke of Douglas fir cones.”

This movie actually made me cry a little.

You won’t have to dig very far down to find something valuable in this film. There are no textbook Nic Cage freakout moments here. Just his character Rob's quiet, focused resoluteness on his Oregon Trail odyssey, filled with truffles, tweakers and salted baguettes. And who hasn’t been haunted by the ghosts of bygone persimmons, delicious and devoid of tannins?

This film delves into some serious themes about love lost, father/son dynamics and how to keep living after half of you is gone.

I needed a hug from my dog after this one. Animal lovers unite!

That’s some pig! on: hulu 🐷

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