Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★½

Kind of quietly amazing. Certaintly one of the most eye-pleasing films I've ever seen, thanks to Robby Müller's next level cinematography. You may know him, he's also done Repo Man and a handful of Jarmusch films including Dead Man. The guy is good. He captures some really beautiful shots here and does cool things with light—even green light. It was cool seeing the same roads of Houston I've driven down countless times.

Acting-wise, the whole cast is really, really good. The stand-out for me, though, was Nastassja Kinski, hands down. She didn't have a whole lot of time in the film, but the time she had she made the most of, giving a really moving, solid performance—really impressive. Harry Dean Stanton was good, of course, he carries the film with his hagrid countenance and troubled eyes, but I was more impressed with Dean Stockwell, veteran of Lynch's Dune and Blue Velvet and unforgettably, Quantum Leap. He was really great as a compassionate, caring and mostly frustrated brother. Why is John Lurie always playing pimpish characters? And why is he so good at it?

Content-wise this movie is actually pretty frustrating, and alot things are done that I wouldn't do or don't agree with, but it didn't ruin the movie for me, I still really enjoyed it.

Haunting and sparse score by Ry Cooder. I can still hear it.

I want Hunter's Return of the Jedi bedsheets.

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