Juliet of the Spirits

Juliet of the Spirits ★★½

This was full of surreal imagery which was great, but that alone didn’t carry this empty film. Guilietta wasn’t the greatest of protagonists to follow around. And after watching Tangerine, I prefer Sin-Dee’s approach of attacking head-on the person that’s been “bottoming” for your significant other for weeks. Of course I didn’t have the benefit of falling in love with Giulietta Masina in La Strada or Nights of Cabiria, and I likely won’t for some time. I’m going to take a much deserved Fellini break.

I’m beginning to realize that Fellini just isn’t for me. I could respect but didn’t truly enjoy his 8 1/2. Satyricon I just couldn’t get into and had to shut off, and now this.

The zany score was really off-putting to me, as was the atrocious voice-over. It’s 1965, haven’t we figured this shit out yet? It’s an Italian movie in color, the characters are speaking Italian, yet their mouths were no where near where they needed to be most of the time—seriously distracting.

Conveyance ID: HBO MAX (Italian, right?)

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