Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★★½

I’m not usually a fan of actors writing for themselves (see The Last Dual or The King) but Allison Brie— who I kind of adore, and have since, not Community (still need to watch one day), but Madmen—contributes to a script where, as an actor, she totally commits to this fully fleshed out, unflattering, dorky, extremely kind, anxious, socially awkward, at times publicly full-frontally naked, vulnerable character. A really great character that is in a classic downward spiral.

A lot of folks have expressed that they didn’t enjoy the third act shenanigans where shit just goes off the rails and I do get it. Yet, for me, it worked.

I’m onboard with all the batshit elements here and how they related to the character, my rating is not reflective of that. My rating is a reflection of some of the acting (not Brie, Riser, Shannon or Paymer) and that off-putting, and really kind of lazy score. Though, this is a better film to me than the somewhat similar Safe.

Allison Brie was amazing.

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