Hereditary ★★★★★

So fucking powerful. I cried twice. So fucking raw. My emotions are spilling everywhere. If Toni Collette didn't win an award for this, then what are awards ceremonies for? Fuck.

I must have watched this over 4 or 5 years ago before we knew my daughter had a peanut allergy. Too close to home, totally forgot that aspect and I was glad to get through it quickly. We discovered my daughter had a peanut allergy at 1 year old and she also went into fucking anaphylaxis like Charlie--A good reminder that nothing is more terrifying on this fucking planet than raising children. So yeah, heads flying off in a film ain't shit.

This was SO well done. Those little sets! Come on! The apparitions, the dreams, the possessions, the fucking witches! Iconic head-popping horror I will be watching for the rest of my life. Ari Astor is a genius.

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