Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

"Who am I, Kylie?"
”Who how? What now?”

Somehow on this 4th or 5th rewatch this clicked even more for me. Going up on my my rating to a full 5/5.

It's likely because on my kids' first watch they loved it so much, even to the point that when it was over my son said, "That was so good, Daddy, can we watch it all over again right now?" Can't tell you how happy this made me. We started it over and watched 'til bedtime.

Out of love I've sat through some really shitty, mind-numbing movies with my kids, see: Frosty's Winter Wonderland. (I know, some big hero, right?) Finding common ground we all love is always a goal, and I can't think of a better example than this film right here.

I was sitting there enjoying Anderson's battle against realism, his unnatural yet beautiful planimetric compositions, his futura font, his masterful command of color, his charming frequent collaboraters in the ensemble cast, the billowing fur on the animals showing the animators' actual mark on them, Willem Dafoe's insane character that skirts as close to his Bobby Peru in Lynch's Wild at Heart as it can in a Kids' film ( also giving us a way better redemption arc than Reva in Kenobi) and Anderson and Bumbach's writing and sense of humor ect. ad infinitum. (Just trying to speak as much Latin as Mr. Fox.)

My kids were also enjoying the comedy quite a bit. Anderson really found that balance, appealing to parents and kids. We were laughing at all the same stuff--laughing our asses off, especially at Kylie staring dead into the camera with those catatonic eyes! You know I love my Godardian/Karina-an(?) camera stares! My son was digging the quirkyness of the characters, the landscape paintings from mom, the way Foxy tears into his breakfast completely disregarding his carefully placed flatware, and, of course, the cuss battle

"The cuss you are!"

My daughter couldn't help but comment on just how cute every character is. I have to agree, darling.

The fact that I can watch a film by one of my oddball (certainly by their standards) directors and they can enjoy it too, so much, is very very special to me. We will be watching and enjoying this film for years to come. Though I already own it on DVD, I'm going to snatch up the Criterion Blu-ray.

👦My son's favorite part: "All of it!" His final rating: 5/5 (Bittersweet, his first rating that makes mathmatical sense!)

🧒My daughter's favorite part: "When that one little fox saves that other little fox." And her rating (not to be outdone): 6/6

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