Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

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This review may contain spoilers.

I have a weak spot for Evangelion. Something about the vague feeling of despair and psychological trauma it leaves me with is appealing. Soothing. Like huffing paint, I imagine. Really awesome but it might be killing me. In a positive way.

This third movie was as mind blowingly amazing to me as the other two. I loved it.

The Story: I have next to NO idea what's going on at any given point, and for the love of all things holy someone answer anything Shinji asks. Even though I don't 'get' it, I LOVE it. I'm SO interested in it! I want someone in it to tell me what the hell is going on! Or maybe I don't! It's okay that I don't know!

The Characters: Asuka is amazing in this. I loved her before but she's amazing in this. Basically everyone is a badass (except Shinji but that's par for the course), Mari- whom I wasn't very fond of last movie I've grown to like more with this installment. Rei is Rei. I love her. All of hers. Misato was also impressively hardcore looking. Shinji was Shinji. I hate Shinji but that's okay too. Kaworu was somehow even more amazing, which I didn't think possible.

The Animation: I don't have words for how insanely amazing every moment of this thing looked.

In Short: Watch this. Love this. Despair and weep and be confused by this. It is the thing of my dreams and nightmares all rolled into one. A gigantic head with gaping holes for eyes, dripping blood tears, explodes into blood. This same movie has a musical montage with drawings of running horses frolicking together. I just- I don't have words for Evangelion. Except amazing.

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